Note: Standard Roof Battens are Angle Cut. Square Cut ends available by request.
  • 22mm Ceiling Batten

    22 mm CEILING BATTEN – 0.42 BMT – ALUZINC: 22CB0.42Z (0.36kg/m)

    22 mm CEILING BATTEN – 0.75 BMT: 22CB0.75Z (0.63kg/m)

    Standard Pack: 200 Lengths x 6.100M

  • 40mm Roof Batten

    40 mm ROOF BATTEN – 0.48 BMT – ALUZINC: 40RB0.48Z (0.66kg/m)

    40 mm ROOF BATTEN – 0.55 BMT – ALUZINC: 40RB0.55Z (0.75kg/m)

    Standard Pack: 150 Lengths x 6.100M, 7.500M

  • 40mm Cyclonic Roof Batten

    40 mm ROOF BATTEN – 0.75 BMT – ALUZINC: 40RB0.75Z (1.02kg/m)

    Standard Pack: 100 Lengths x 6.100M, 7.500M

Millform’s FormBatten™ ceiling battens, roof battens, and TopForm™ top hats can be used in a wide array of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. These products are designed to function as a secondary member to support roof or wall cladding.

Product features and benefits:

  • Extensive range of building applications
  • Big spans allow for diverse installations
  • Wide range of product gauges
  • Simple and effective screw fasteners
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Available as galvanised steel and Zincalume
  • Largest range of products available
  • Rolled safety edges are standard


  • CorroForm™ Corrugated metal
  • RibForm™ Corrugated metal
  • Extreme™ and Archetype C Purlins™
  • TopForm™ Top Hats and FormBatten™ Roof and Ceiling battens