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About Us

At Millform, our cold rolled steel products are engineered and manufactured to perfection. As an Australian owned and operated company with 50 years of experience, we know how to deliver high-quality products across diverse market segments. We believe in excellent customer support and provide unmatched attention to detail. At Millform, we develop innovative solutions that meet your requirements and surpass your expectations.

Millform was established 50 years ago in Albury, with our team designing and building equipment before manufacturing our own steel products for the construction industry. We expanded operations to Sydney soon after, with Eastern Creek becoming our head office and Albury remaining the centre for all engineering activities. We continue to grow in strength as a recognised service leader in the steel industry.

Business growth has been achieved organically through market support and word of mouth, with our product range expanding into structural roll formed sections with custom details. Our cold rolled steel can be used for numerous applications, from battens and steel framing to sheet metal, roofing, and much more. We continue to focus on premium quality products with exacting standards and excellent customer service. At Millform, we transport products across Australia on our own fleet of trucks – professional service delivered with a personal touch.

At Millform, our values are strong and our vision is clear:

  • Industry experience and structural integrity
  • Honest and transparent communication
  • Enduring relationships built on accountability
  • Custom solutions delivered across diverse markets
  • Collaboration and mutual success
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Millform is dedicated to outstanding construction results and reliable customer support. We deliver high-quality engineering and manufacturing solutions across diverse markets and project scenarios.


At Millform, we provide unmatched strength in steel engineering and manufacturing. We deliver proven building solutions across industry sectors and offer the following advantages over our competition:

  • Customer support and reliable delivery

    Along with great products, we pride ourselves on friendly customer support, responsive business processes, and tailored service delivery. We are happy to offer advice and guidance about any aspect of your project, with our business focused more on solutions than sales. We have invested in our own transport fleet to make fast deliveries possible. At Millform, our fast and reliable service is focused on attention to detail across all aspects of manufacturing and delivery.
  • Tailored solutions built for you

    At Millform, we provide better solutions based on local knowledge and personalised care. Our nationwide business is built from small local teams, so you can rely on custom advice and tailored service delivery with every single order. You are more than just a customer to us – our local staff will treat you as a trusted partner throughout your entire project. From farm structures to retail and industrial buildings, we tailor our approach based on your needs. At Millform, we can help you minimise costs, enhance designs, and improve delivery schedules for maximum results.
  • Quality Australian steel and certifications

    At Millform, we manufacture top-grade steel products from high-quality materials. Our durable products are ideal for a range of industrial, commercial, and civil applications. We are constantly striving for more, with our workforce committed to continuous improvement and our processes built from scratch to meet your precise needs. At Millform, we are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

    With strength of steel and integrity of service, Millform is dedicated to building a better Australia.


Millform combines outstanding customer service with industry experience, engineering excellence, and manufacturing expertise.

Strength in Service

  • Regular delivery from Eastern Creek and Albury to population centres
  • Common pack sizes in stock
  • Australian owned family business with a personal approach
  • Managers allocated to account customers for a single point of contact
  • Customer service delivered by a real person instead of voicemail

Strength in Experience

  • Australian-owned company with more than five decades of experience
  • Designing roll forming equipment for in-house use
  • Manufacturing multiple roll formed steel products
  • Engineer-approved products that meet Australian standards
  • Delivering tailored solutions based on specific needs

Strength in Engineering

  • In-house engineering and R&D
  • Products engineered to Australian standards
  • Span and load tables available for all products
  • In-house R&D team for complex projects
  • Expertise in machine design

Strength in Manufacturing

  • Steel proudly roll formed in Australia
  • All steel meets Australian standards and tight specifications
  • Regular delivery with our own fleet of trucks
  • Products customised to your specifications
  • Access to advanced machinery, technology, and expertise