Millform has recently commenced manufacturing bridging systems meaning your lead time for supply of bridging has reduced, the strength improved and the packaging enhanced.  Millform spent considerable time to select the best riveting system available to provide a reliable and robust solution

for bridging, using the Henrob™ riveting system.  


Henrob™ has a large and talented group of people dedicated to self-pierce riveting technology. Henrob's™ philosophy is to design reliable, robust solutions for production.


 We are able to supply bridging using the Hookfast design system which makes installing your bridging a breeze. (see photo) Bridging is available in Adjustable or fixed lengths, with either Bolted Bracket, Fascia Clip, Male or Female Hookfast ends.  We supply in 40, 60, 70, 110, 160, 210mm widths to suit purlins from 100 to 300mm in width.  Also available is standard speedy spacer system, brackets and 12 mm diameter sag rods with threaded ends.  We are currently updating our website and will have an information page on bridging shortly.  

riveting systems

steel girt and junction stud