Millform is proud to announce that on the 5 May 2017 we have successfully achieved certification to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System.


This ISO certification demonstrates our commitment to continuously improving our high-quality and consistent service to our customers via on-going investment in our people, technology, processes and procedures.



Millform’s decision to progress to ISO9001 was proactive in that it better prepares our business to improve processes from a sound foundation. Our aim was to use the audit process to test our documented processes and ultimately to improve how we do business.


Part of this process is to create focus on customer centric measures. Since the commencement of our ISO9001 journey, we have seen significant improvements in our delivery performance.


We are excited to see benefits flowing through to our customers in such a short time. We feel this is just the first step of our continuous improvement journey. As a team we are ultimately focused on increasing the satisfaction of our customers and becoming truly reliable business partners.

ISO 9001